Small business finance services in Australia

18 August 2020
Popular small business finance services in Australia

Sure Capital is a leader in the finance broking market, helping every year thousands of small companies with small business finance solutions.

Our 24-hours funding process guarantees 99% of our clients to get access to small business finance. Whether the small business finance is needed to grow or expand the business, or to cover a temporary shortfall, there are different funding options to choose from.

At Sure Capital, we assist existing, and new clients are looking for small business finance. We are committed to giving the best small business loans service, and we operate as a trustworthy finance broker that connect small and medium businesses with suitable lenders who easily and quickly provide credit.

What is small business finance?

Small business finance is a form of funding arranged between a business and a financial institution such as a bank or an alternative lender. As a finance broker, Sure Capital has been assisting Australian businesses to get access to small business loans for buying equipment, growing the business, hiring staff or purchasing commercial property.

Small business finance funds operating cost and capital expenditures.

When talking about small business loans in Australia, each business loan option comes with slightly different requirements.

  • Unsecured business loans are fast and easy to get access to, usually is short term finance to take advantage of an opportunity to grow or expand the business. “
  • Short term business loans often used to cover cash flow issues in a short period.
  • Secured business loans require securing the funding against an asset or post collateral such as property, plant or equipment that the financial institution can take over from the borrower in case of default or bankruptcy.

In some cases, a loan’s collateral can also be the cash flow generated from future accounts receivable.

Other popular types of small business loans, alternatively to the ones offered by the standard small business finance that the banks provide, are:

Nowadays, many Australian small businesses have a finance facility of some description used for all different sort of purposes.

How does Sure Capital make a difference in small business finance?

At Sure Capital, we have developed a process that allows us in 99% of the cases to get the money in our clients’ bank account within 24 hours from the application. Our experienced consultants can always find a small finance solution to help your business to succeed. With our customised assistance, we assign one of our broker specialists to you. We listen to your needs: no algorithms or artificial intelligence. You can speak to a real person.

No matter you need small business loan to buy new machinery or renovating the premises or purchasing a new vehicle, we assist any business in achieving their goals in any industry:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Professional and consultancy services
  • Health practices
  • Wholesalers
  • Trades
  • Hair & Beauty specialists
  • Franchises
  • Construction
  • Transport and logistics

How could you use small business finance?

Your business can use the funds for business purposes to support current and upcoming cash flow needs.

  • Buying a vehicle
  • Upgrade machinery
  • Purchase tools and equipment
  • To complete a renovation project
  • To complete a fit-out project
  • Make investments to grow your business
  • Make investments to expand your business
  • Developing a new website or running marketing campaigns
  • Launch a new product or service

We are known in the market for our 24-hours funding process

Partnering with over 50+ business loan providers, we unlock credit opportunities for your business. Our clients in 99% of the cases get the money in their bank account within 24 hours from the approval.

Thanks to our industry knowledge, we guide you through the process to find the lender that can provide the type and size of business loan that you are looking for. Our lender’s partners fund eligible small businesses with various small business loans options. Let us help you to find the one that suits best your needs. It all starts with an enquiry. Call us 1300 198 514 or click on “get started now” and we call you back to see if you qualify for small business loan.

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