Small business strategy to increase your profit

8 August 2020
small business strategy

Nowadays many businesses are facing uncertain growth and challenges. 2020 has been a tough year from many business owners, but a new business strategy for your small business could still increase profits and set your business up for success in 2021.

What is a business strategy? A business strategy refers to a series of actions and plans that a company put in place to get market shares in its industry.

Subsequently, the business strategy outlines the approaches/methods which must be implemented when running your small business. The more organised business is, the more competitive it is which results in increased revenue.

Business strategy for a small business: a new marketing plan

A business strategy tells a business owner the steps to follow to achieve its goals. An important aspect of your business strategy in 2020-2021 is redefining your marketing plan to attract and acquire new clients.

Key aspects of a marketing plan to increase your profits:
  • Define your main goals and objectives
  • Know your audience to personalize customer experience for new and existing clients
  • Emphasize your best skills and why you are better than anyone in your niche industry
  • Use a strategic combination of SEO and Google Ads campaigns
  • Identify the best social media platform for your business (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) and promote your business on the most relevant ones
  • Seek assistance from a professional marketer who knows how to deal with digital channels
  • Know your products/services portfolio and focus your sales on the more profitable ones
  • Invest in a new product/service to beat your competition
  • Use visual merchandising to increase sales

Once you have developed your business strategies for your small business you have to put them into practice. This means high initial short-term expenses. Make sure to track the results of your actions. In fact, monitoring your campaigns is essential to understand what works and what doesn’t work. Any business strategy in order to be successful needs some adjustments.

Is your company short in funds to sustain your business plan?

Budgeting is part of business strategy. Any new marketing activities or product/service development require some sort of investment. If you need help to sustain your business activity, there are traditional financial institutions. Banks and alternative lenders offer different types of small business loans.

Borrowing money that generates extra revenue for your business could be the key to grow your business.

How can a finance broker help your strategy?

small business strategy in 2021

In these uncertain times, it is easy for small businesses to fall into financial hard times.

Sure Capital, based in Sydney (NSW), is a leader in the finance broking market in Australia. Our experienced team can help Australian small companies in resolving difficult financial situations with a range of small business loan.

Sure Capital can assist you, in accordance with your business strategy, to grow or expand your business, buy equipment, expand your staff and purchase a commercial property for your company. In addition, it can assist you in getting those extra resources to develop your new website, planning digital campaigns and executing your marketing strategy.

Our experienced consultants offer the best small business loan service. We perform as a trustworthy finance brokerage company that connects small and medium businesses with suitable lenders that can quickly provide finance solutions. At Sure Capital, we focus on fast pre-approvals with limited documentation required. Moreover, after assessing the eligibility, we get funds into our clients’ bank account within 24 hours from the approval.

Dealing with a trained finance broker must be an essential part of your business strategy.

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